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Mindy believes in the power of the people to unite and reclaim a representative democracy. She aims to pioneer a shift in congressional representation. With no ties to the two majority parties, Mindy will always propose legislation and vote on matters that benefit the people vs. a party.

Mindy believes individual citizens have the right to make decisions regarding their own health, safety, and personal business affairs, as long as their decisions do not infringe upon the rights of others.

She is concerned that the government continues to micromanage our daily lives and our economy. Our individual rights and liberties are the foundation of America. Our advanced society is complex, but the fundamental principles that will keep us prosperous are simple:​

  • Allow every individual any reasonable opportunity to make money and maintain financial freedom

  • Decrease government regulations on people and businesses and allow the free-market economy to function independently

  • Let people make their own decisions about their personal life and their health, as long as their decisions do not harm the rights of another individual

  • Keep government authority local so each community functions in a manner most beneficial to its unique needs


Mindy was born in New Orleans where she currently lives and works as a public school principal in Central City. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northwestern State University and holds teacher certifications in special education and English. Mindy attended law school at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. She is the proud mother of her son, Grayson Manning.